New Clients

Welcome! We can't wait to meet you! 

           Gina's maintains a separate website:

                   Angela Is not accepting New clients at this time.


What you can expect on your first visit: 


The experience starts when you use the online booking system below.  Your appointment request will be received by us and you'll receive a welcome message back with more details to ensure that your first visit is seamless.


Next, you will receive an appointment reminder via email and text a couple of days before your appointment. On the day of your appointment, please follow the directions on your appointment reminder. (Covid19 precautions are currently in place)


Your stylist will then welcome you into our suite and walk you through a 10-15 minute consultation process.  We will plan out today's visit as well as discuss longterm plans to ensure all of your goals are met. 


We will always explain our plan for the day as well as give you the price before we begin any work so you can know what to expect. 


If you're here for color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in our computerized database so that it's always ready and waiting at each visit.  


Your stylist will work with you to create a cut perfect for your lifestyle and overall goals. Styling tips and tricks will be shared with you so you can feel confident recreating the look on your own. Then,  we'll wrap up the visit by sharing our recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment. Please keep in mind that product recommendations will always be shared and you will not feel pushed into buying retail---we do believe in our product lines and we also believe you should feel good about any purchase you make with us.


You can expect a follow-up call or email within the week to ensure that your style is just as expected and we will eagerly await your next visit.


Getting Ready for your first visit:


Before you come in for your appointment, please gather together pictures of styles that influence you and ideas that we can work toward. It is also a good idea to have on hand some photos of your past hairstyles...some you may have loved and some maybe not.


Some great resources are:

google image search and Pinterest. APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY:  I require 48 hours' notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your visit with me. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a cancelation fee will apply and must be paid before a new appointment is scheduled.​ In Fact, to make things a little easier to start, we have made some inspiration boards on Pinterest for you... go ahead and check them out!​


 Google search: Hairstyles for Women


 Google search: Hairstyles for Men


On the day of your appointment, please come in with your hair styled down as you would usually wear it--if you usually wear it up please, just this once, try to wear it down for your appointment, it will greatly help us understand how your hair behaves and will allow us to see just where we can help you.


We're very excited that you have found us and can't wait to meet you in person.