Gina Rodriguez

Like any good story, my life and career have been an adventure full of self discovery…

My life’s journey has taken me there and back (ask me about my jet-setting flight attendant years, my time in Modern Interpretive Dance, my college studies in Spanish & Linguistics, my love for growing edible plants-and becoming a Sacramento County Master Gardener, my love of discovering/creating yummy vegan food, or my time traveling as a hair cut & color educator) and as I enter into my early 40’s I feel like I’ve emerged more self aware and comfortable in my skin.

Over the years, while I enjoyed creating the latest fashion forward colors & highlights, blow-outs and manipulated styles, I discovered that I was most drawn to and happy working with natural wavy and curly hair and helping women transition from monthly grey root “touch ups” to embracing their beautiful natural salt & pepper, grey and silver hair using either low-lights or shine enhancing gloss treatments.

As time passed I began to attract and collect a large clientele of naturally curly women and eventually I realized my love for curly hair clients and started to consider myself a curly hair specialist.  At one point I realized that there was a general lack of education on how to cut, color and maintain curly hair in the professional hair industry which, subsequently, had prompted “curly girls” to look to youtube and to blogs for their hair advice. So I decided that though I was already very comfortable working with and cutting curly hair, I wanted to seek out and learn from other professional curly hair stylists and I searched for advanced education specifically targeted to curly hair cutting and maintenance. I immersed myself into the “Curly World” studying ingredients and product application methods for different curl and hair types and also got the highly acclaimed DevaCurl ‘DevaCut’ training, discovered Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) and a network of highly experienced curl stylists. Through this exploration I started to understand that even though there are many products on the market claiming to enhance curls or moisturize hair… there are very few products that actually do what they say in regard to curls—some can even delay the journey and impose heavy buildup and damage. And regardless of what product you use... the most important piece of the puzzle is correct product application and proper daily hyrating routine.

My Method:

When you come into see me you will notice that I always cut curly and wavy hair in its DRY state.  I use very large toothed combs or none at all and very little tension to discourage “curl shrinkage”.  (Sometimes you will even see me get super “nerdy” and pull out a protractor and measuring tape to ensure that the angles I am using are correct for the style I am creating!!) 

If I sound like the hair stylist you’ve been looking for, I encourage you to book a consultation and curl education appointment with me. I will always coach you on product application and styling on your journey to cultivate your curls.

Personally, I've always loved curls and thankfully I married curly haired man, and together we have 2 little girls at home, a wavy and a curly. As for my hair, after 30+ years of straight hair, I finally (hooray!) have developed naturally wavy hair of my own after hormonal changes from giving birth, (It can happen!)

Curly hair is a journey—and something that requires time, patience and acceptance. Lets start your journey together. 

Grey & Curl Specialist